Friday, March 14, 2008

Going home

On Saturday, March 8 after being in the hospital for 12 days Alii and I finally come home! It was graduation day and the hardest part was over:)

Thank you to our friends at Cedars Sinai Medical Center:Jessica, Cameron, Gwen,Valerie, PT's Vanessa and Tina and all the doctors and residents who took care of us during our stay.

Thank you Cedars Sinai Medical Center

My Alii

Thank you family and friends

A thank you to all of our friends and family who came to visit us in the hospital. Thank you to co-workers, friends and family for your phone calls, messages, e-mails and cards, we really appreciate it.

Not pictured:Uncle Jim Webb,Uncle Tim and Aunty Charlene Frisina, Dylana Fabrao, Susan Knowles, Lisa and Julia Baker,Pastors Renato and Margarita Vasquez.

A special thank you to:Sylvia Chlebek, Diana Higa, Michelle Lewis, Tabitha Simpson and Debra Bahr.

Out of surgery

Moments after the operation Ali'i is taken to the was the longest day of our life. Alii's head was wrapped in a white bandage and he had tubes coming out every where a picture we will never forget. He not only survived the longest operation but he pulled through it like a champ. A heartfelt thank you and praise to: Dr.Moise Danielpour and his team at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles,CA.